Transforming façade inspections for high-rise buildings

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Façade inspections identify potential defects, driving risk management and structural assurance.


The best control for safety when working at heights is elimination

Data Insights

Comprehensive data capture
AI-defect detection drives speed-to-insight


Visualise changes to the building envelope over time.

Digital Data Capture

The Inspector BEAR (Building Envelope Access Robot) designed for comprehensive façade inspection.
Crafted at the intersection of aerospace, robotics and deep tech algorithms.
Comprehensive data capture.
AI-defect detection drives speed-to-insight.
Easily portable between buildings.

AI-Driven Defect Detection & Analytics

Analytics platform designed for façade engineers and property owners.
Portfolio overview.
Defect oriented.
AI helps drives speed-to-insight.
Risk Management.

Precision Redefined, Safety Reinvented.

Capturing and analysing facades in high fidelity
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Our Story

In 2020, owners of a rope access company in Sydney, Abbie Widin and Melinda Johnson embarked on a transformative journey. They wanted to change the way the façade was accessed and interacted with.

Their vision was recognized and supported by the NSW Government's Physical Sciences Fund in 2021.

With backing from global real estate titans and partnerships with premier facade engineering firms, they built more than just an innovative solution.
Defy-Hi has built a transformative workflow to help property owners manage façade risk.

Defy-Hi has prioritized understanding the industry's data interaction needs, ensuring practicality met innovation.

Their venture now stands as the standard for future-focused digital facade capture and analysis.

This helps property owners manage risk across complex portfolios.

The Team

We're transforming the future of facade inspection and defect management with our veteran experience in the commercial services industry, prize-winning engineers, and rigorous go-to-market capabilities.
Dr Abbie Widin
Co-Founder & CEO
Melinda Johnson


Proudly funded by
NSW Govt MVP Grant
Proudly funded by
NSW Govt Physical Sciences Fund
Innovation day 2022
CBRE/ISPT Innovation Day
Starmate Accelerator
Startmate Winter 2023

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